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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Music

My church had the most wonderful Christmas music program last night I have ever heard! It was a glorious presentaion of the birth of Christ with really 'ethereal' music that touched my soul deeply. It ended with four 12 year old boys doing a version of 'Little Drummer Boy' that brought tears to many folks' eyes, mine included. They each played different types of drums with different rhythms (& stayed perfectly in beat) and alternated singing the words.

I have been reflecting today not only on that song but on the true meaning of Christmas. The message of that song is what can WE give Christ on this Christmas, His birthday. What He really wants from us is our heart and devotion. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget what 'The Season' is REALLY all about! I certainly am guilty of that. I try each day, with God's help, to do better.

 Thank you, God, for loving ME so much that You sent Your only Son, to be my Savior. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for taking my sins upon Yourself when You died on the cross. Thank you, God, for raising Jesus from the dead and giving me the promise of Eternal Life with You when I gave my heart and life to You. Thank You for loving me the way I am, as I come to You with all my sins. Thank you for removing all that, for forgiving me, and for making me 'your child.' I humbly give myself to YOU!
Thank you, Lord, for Christmas,
 the celebration of the birth of Your Son, and my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Luke 2:11
"For unto us is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord!"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Linens ~ Vintage & New

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Monday, November 23, 2009

'Dreaming of a White Christmas'

Make Mine Pink Friday ~ "Dreaming Of A White Christmas"

Every Christmas, everyone from great-grandparents to the newest addition to the family,  gather around the Christmas tree. We’re filled with anticipation of the upcoming celebration and gratitude for loved ones to share it with. The boxes of favorite ornaments are brought out from their safe storage and passed around, inspiring memories of many a Christmas. Some of the ornaments have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations, we reminisce about the memories they hold. Others are new, bringing  a new excitement about the memories we’ll make this year. Soon the tree is shining with glitter, beads, ribbons, lace and memories. 
As we set up our Christmas villages with the old-fashioned houses and bottle brush trees, the children peer closely at the scene and imagine what is happening behind those tiny closed doors. The sprinkle of glittering snow on the village rooftops and pathways reminds us of the snow we hope to have for this Christmas.
A quick look around and you’ll see Christmas wreaths and garlands of greenery, gracing our doorways and doors. Each welcoming family and friends inside with holiday ornaments and twinkling lights Stockings are hung from the mantle, seemingly empty but overflowing with hopes and wishes for Christmas morning.  As we sit by the crackling fire, sipping tea and hot cocoa from vintage holiday mugs, a feeling of nostalgia fills us with contentment.

We fondly remember unwrapping treasures from our childhood. A precious doll with curling hair and eyes that closed when you tucked her into a bed made just for her. A charm bracelet that made you feel all grown up whenever you wore it. A hand knit sweater that felt like a hug from your mother when you put it on. These treasures are etched in our memories.

This year’s gifts sparkle under the tree, each present lovingly chosen and carefully wrapped with extra special touches. They’re trimmed with vintage lace and beautiful handmade tags, bearing the names of loved ones. The packages capture our imaginations, and we can’t help but dream about what’s inside and what wonders this Christmas season has in store.

Outside, as the snow begins to lightly fall, we know that this year, like so many others, all of our Christmas dreams can come true.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1:Grandma G's | Photo Contribution 2: Misty Moonlight Creations|Photo Contribution 3: Patricia Rose|Photo Contribution 4: Carol's Rose Garden, LLC

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Wonderful Artisan Jewelry Story

Having made multiple hundreds of bracelets over the last 10 years, I really believe this is my ALL-TIME favorite! A few months ago, I saw beads like this in a 3 year old beading magazine and fell in love with them. Never thinking it would be possible, I emailed the sweet American artisan who made the beads and asked if she had any similar ones. "No," she wrote back, "but I can make you some. Is there any certain color combination you want?" Needless to say, I was stunned, so I emailed back, "I like the ones in the magazine on page 29, so, however similar you can make them to those would be perfect." Two weeks later they were in my mailbox! I now had 35 of THE most beautiful lampwork beads in MY possession ... and a lampwork bead maker new friend!

It took me longer to make the bracelet than it did for the beads to be made! I had a hard time at first getting just the right combination of beads, color, and sterling. Finally after putting them aside for a few weeks, I started again last week and the bracelet came right together. Surrounded by Bali sterling silver, each bead is truly a masterpiece unto itself.

If you have ever tried to photograph jewelry, you know how hard it is. I hope these pictures show SOME of the beauty of these beads. The piece as shown measures 8" which will best fit a wrist of 6" to 6-1/2". It ends with a Bali hook & eye sterling piece. I can adjust it to fit YOUR wirst for no additional cost. Click on the link (or copy & paste it) for more information about this beauty and how it can become yours:
On Thursday of this week, I will start a contest and the winner will receive some free 'bling-bling' from my shop. Maybe even a LAMPWORK Bead or SWAROVSKI Crystal bracelet! Stay tuned and check back here Thursday! My shop location is: http.www://MarysCottageTreasures.com. See you soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

WELCOME to FALL and my new blog!

As this is the beginning of the Fall season, I thought I would share with you some pictures of the beautiful trees and Fall colors here in VA. After a rain and wind storm two nights ago, these same trees are now just about bare. I love the change of seasons, don't you? And I love this beautiful world God gave us to care for and to enjoy.

I also have a few pictures of some unusual 'vintage items' we saw when we recently traveled to Minnesota. It is a LONG distance from Virginia to Minnesota, however, with family living there, we had a grand & glorious time. One day we visited a big apple orchard which was packed with people. As there was a long line waiting to pick apples, we went in the old barn which is now a 'store' by all rights. With only a little time remaining, we bought some yummy warm apple cider and I took a few pictures. I love VINTAGE things and this place was full of them Actually, most of them are older than vintage, they are antiques! If you check out my new Online shop http://www.maryscottagetreasures.com/, you will see that I particularly love vintage linens and vintage collectibles.

Now, back to the apple orchard and the fun 'vintage things' inside:

As this is my very first blog, I am keeping it short as I still have a lot to learn. I hope you enjoyed my first blog and will put me on your regular list. Let me know and I will do the same! I have already discovered that trying to put pictures in a blog is not easy - they have a 'mind of their own,' it seems.

I am a proud member of 'Make Mine Pink', a group of amazing women who all are wonderfully creative and talented. Visit our boutiques at http://www.makeminepink.com/ and look for the special weekly events which make it the BEST internet shopping site for women!

Blessings to all,
Mary Patterson