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Monday, June 28, 2010

New/Old Linens

What is a new/old linen item?
It is a beautiful piece of handworked linen history 
which has been given a second chance. By a 'second
 chance' I mean it, in a sense, has been recycled.
Someone other than the original creator/owner
 now owns the piece and will either find another
 use for it, or use it as originally intended or,
 in the case of Linen Collectors, handle it with
love and care as they add it to their ever-growing
 collection of similar linen items.

Those who find another use for the piece often
 incorporate it into another item they are creating,
 such as using a section of an old embroidered
 dresser scarf in making a pillow.
Or maybe you have seen a new purse decorated
with vintage doilies or cut outs from a vintage
 tablecloth used as appliques on a new handtowel. 
This is, perhaps, the truest form of new/old linens.

Unfortunately, in our busy world today, new
handworked linens are not being made as frequently
 as they used to be. Nor are the various forms
 of needle working being taught. In generations past,
 young females were taught as early as
they could manage a needle and thread how to do
 various forms of needlework. Sewing, embroidery,
 cross stitch, crochet, knitting, crewel work, smocking,
 quilting, needlepoint, tatting, needle punch,
 needle felting, tassel making, needle lace, tapestry,
 and applique are just some of the many various
 types of needle work.

Are you a lover of new/old linens? How many of the
above types of needlework do YOU know how to do? 
I only can do or have done the first six methods. 
How about you? 

Have a great week!
 Blessings on your & yours,
Mary Patterson


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Mary, What a wonderful post full of history and inspiration. I love to do needlework and when I am not painting, I enjoy to do embrodiery, crewel, candlewicking, crochet and cross stitch.

Love your pic with the vintage linens. I have many pieces made by my mother and grandmother, that I cherish.

Have a great week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Marie said...

Hi Mary,
Everytime I see old linens, I think of my grandmother. I don't keep much around, but I have some of hers. I have creweled, embroidered, and cross stitched. I have also done something that I forget the name of. It is all French knots, I think. I keep telling myself I have to get back to it, but never seem to make the time. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Patterson said...

Marie - are you talking about Candlewicking? That's one I left off of the list. I did a little of that many years ago. My French knots were not as pretty as they should have been.
Thanks, Mary P

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love vintage linens! These are amazing.

Kath' said...

I love old and new ones. I love all things vintage but love the new towels and pillowcases too. I can't do any of the stiches anymore because it hurts my hands to much. I sure wish I could though. I would be doing it all the time. Kath'

gail said...

Hi Mary,, I am lucky enough to have done quite a few of these types of needleworks, but i can assure you neither of my daughters have the slightest interest. It is kind of sad. I hope they become trendy again. LOL Knitting has taken on a whole new life especially with the younger generation. I think the reality tv design and fashion design shows are great for getting younger people interested in textiles too!
I hope you have a very pretty week. (()) gail

Shabby Shan said...

Hi Mary,
I love vintage linens! I have quite a few pieces from grandmothers and aunts. I can do embroidery and cross stitch. I wish I knew how to crochet. Have a nice week!

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